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through as much of this website as thoroughly as possible before contacting Susan Holbrook to begin your journey on a new path of health/wholeness, a happier more peaceful and balanced life through the practice of being Yoga, the science and practice for human wellbeing and balance.

The practice of Yoga that is offered at The Healing Chest will encompass meditation, asana (the exercises that most people refer to as “Yoga”), breath work, guidance in healthy eating and principles for healthy living.

If you are ready for life changes, Susan will give you her full attention and expertise in guiding you.


The Healing Chest Yoga

Classes incorporate the philosophy and practice of

  1. Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga ( Susan’s Yoga teacher certification  is through the Deepak Chopra Wellness Center in California)


• The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  1. A great deal of attention is placed on whole body alignment. The feet are given in depth attention as much of our weaknesses up the structure of  our body begin in how we use our feet.

  2. Retaining or retraining the primary and secondary fluid springy curves of the spine in order to experience a healthy whole body alignment (i.e. fluid healthy movement in posture = healthier being). Healthy posture!

  1. Much of the work incorporates The Bowspring alignment principles of John Friend and Desi Springer.  Susan has been studying and practicing the Bowspring technique since it’s inception in 2012. Class size limited from 1 to 5 - allowing careful individual attention to each woman (you will be surprised at how much individual attention and instruction you will receive).

  1. Asanas (poses) are reconstructed for each individual’s condition sustained gentle stretching (moving fascia), increased core flexibility and strength (abdominal and back muscles, shoulder girdle) restores healthy posture, balance, and ease of movement mindful deep breathing exercises (pranayama) increased oxygen intake, meditation  = activates “relaxation response”, improves sleep, healing and disposition, reduces “fight or flight”/stress reaction which over taxes the adrenals and compromises the Immune System.

  2. Yoga posses massage lymph lines which helps  keep lymph fluid moving, allowing improved drainage of waste, resulting in a stronger immune system.

  3. Not one minute of previous “Yoga” experience needed.


Welcome, I am Susan Holbrook

If you decide to embark on digging into your Healing Chest, I will be honored to be your guide.

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