The Healing Chest Yoga


Your tool chest for healing heart, body, and mind!

Please read

through as much of this website as thoroughly as possible before contacting Susan Holbrook to begin your journey on a new path of health/wholeness, a happier more peaceful and balanced life through the practice of being Yoga, the science and practice for human wellbeing and balance.

The practice of Yoga that is offered at The Healing Chest will encompass  meditation, Asana - the exercises, breath work, guidance in healthy eating and principles for healthy living.

If you are ready for some life changes, Susan will give you her full attention and expertise in guiding you.

Beginning January 1, 2017  I will only be taking new students on Private Session packages $480. Eight one hour lessons in a package. Must be used in 4 weeks from date of purchase. ( twice a week attendance) No refunds or carry overs.

After this immersion you will be ready to join the “groups”.                                             


See you soo

Namaste Susan